Winner Psychiatry P.C., Board Certified


What is Pharmacogenetics? 
Pharmacogenetics is a field which looks at specific genetic information (DNA) to help predict medication response and side effects.  Research is uncovering specific genes that can be helpful in tailoring medication choice for psychiatric issues.  Many patients are aware of the trial and error approach toward finding the "right" medication.  It can be quite frustrating and time consuming.  Pharmacogenetics is a new tool that is being used to attempt to tailor medication choice and dosing for patients.

How does Pharmacognetics work? 

  1. Dr. Winner and the patient have made the decision that medication will be helpful
  2. Dr. Winner and the patient enter into a discussion about the pros and cons of pharmacogenetic testing
  3. The patient and Dr. Winner decide that pharmacogenetic testing will be helpful 
  4. Dr. Winner makes the decision of what genes would be appropriate to test for.
  5. The test is a simple blood test or cheek swab that obtains enough DNA to be able to isolate the genes of interest.
  6. The specimen is sent to an approved laboratory
  7. The results are obtained and interpreted by Dr. Winner
  8. The genetic information is incorporated into the patient's entire clinical picture (i.e. biological, psychological, and social presentation) 
  9. A discussion about the results is held with the patient
  10. The genetic information is then assimilated into the comprehensive treatment plan

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