Winner Psychiatry P.C., Board Certified


Winner Psychiatry, PC does not file insurance claims and is not contracted with insurance companies or the government.  Patients may file and often be reimbursed for services provided by Dr. Winner as a non-participating provider through their own private insurance plans.  Winner Psychiatry, PC will help facilitate this by providing the appropriate paperwork and receipts.

Many people are used to paying a small co-pay and then having their doctor file their insurance.  Why is this process different?  Psychiatrists have training in the appropriate use of medication as well as psychotherapy.  Having a one-stop shop to provide the tools for change is important.  In our current cost-cutting environment, many managed care and government plans attempt to narrow the scope of the psychiatrist to that of just prescribing pills.  Enacting meaningful change in one's life is rarely the sole result of medication (though it is often helpful).  It boils down to having enough time to spend with the patient and/or their family to orchestrate a change from maladaptive patterns to new ways of thinking and living.  Dr. Winner does not  believe that this can be done with a "5-minute med check" which is what the insurance system is built around. 

You will pay Dr. Winner at each visit.  Cash, check, and major credit cards are accepted.  Then you will file to be reimbursed by your insurance company. The reimbursement process is fairly straightforward.  This link shows the easy steps involved: