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The Winner Psychiatry Difference


Time with your psychiatrist
Dr. Winner’s goal is to help patients change unwanted and maladaptive symptoms or patterns in their lives. This takes time and that is the Winner Psychiatry difference. This practice is adapted so as to devote the necessary time to provide the care Dr. Winner feels meets his high standard of sufficient and unhurried time with his patients.

Personalized Medicine
Through Dr. Winner’s special interest, research, and knowledge of pharmacogenetics —a  new field utilizing genetic information—he is able to use this tool to help personalize the choice of medication and dosage for his patients. Dr. Winner worked both clinically and in research in this exciting area at the Mayo Clinic, and he is currently the medical director of an individualized medicine company which is affiliated with the Mayo Clinic and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

What is Pharmacogenetics? 
It is a new field which looks at genetic information (DNA) to help predict a patient’s response to medication and its side effects. There are specific genes that researchers and clinicians believe can be helpful in tailoring medication choices. Many patients may have experienced the trial-and-error approach to psychiatric medication.  Pharmacogenetics is a tool that can help make a more informed medication choice.

How does Pharmocognetics work? 

  1. Dr. Winner and his patient discuss that medication may be helpful, discuss the pros and cons of pharmacogenetic testing., and together decide that pharmacogenetic testing may be helpful.
  2. Dr. Winner determines what genes would be appropriate to test.
  3. The test is a simple blood test or cheek swab to obtain enough DNA to isolate the genes of interest.
  4. The blood test or swab is sent to an approved laboratory and the results are obtained and interpreted by Dr. Winner.
  5. The genetic information is incorporated into the patient's entire clinical picture—biological, psychological, and social.
  6. A discussion is held with the patient about the results, and the genetic information is then used in the patient’s comprehensive treatment plan.

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Systems Therapy
Dr. Winner has had good success using a systems therapy approach. All symptoms and problems exist in a social context, and Winner Psychiatry acknowledges this social aspect in the patient’s personalized treatment. Dr. Winner has training and expertise in working with families and other important individuals who may be instrumental in providing solutions to the difficult problems for which patients seek help.