Winner Psychiatry P.C., Board Certified
A Newer Trend in Medicine - Your genetic makeup is a factor
Family Psychiatry

At Winner Psychiatry PC, individuals seeking psychiatric treatment are helped in an unhurried and thorough manner. Dr. Joel Winner, M.D. board certified psychiatrist, strives every day to bring about positive change for his patients.

Dr. Winner uses a balanced, personalized approach with his patients. Through years of training, Dr. Winner has formulated a practice style which incorporates genetic, biological, social and psychological information to facilitate the transformation of unwanted and maladaptive symptoms.  This often results in a positive change in the trajectory of patient's lives. 

This personalized treatment--moving past the current symptoms while always looking forward--is accomplished through:

Dr. Joel Winner is a board certified medical doctor who has specialized in psychiatry and the diagnosis and treatment of emotional problems.  He is trained in psychotherapy (talk therapy) as well as medication therapy.

Dr. Winner was previously on staff at the Mayo Clinic Department of Psychiatry, Rochester, Minnesota, before starting his private practice, Winner Psychiatry PC, in Boulder, Colorado.